Your challenges

RVR Parad solution for Audit answers key challenges faced by auditors and operational managers:

  • Optimize administrative tasks and document management related to audits,
  • Build up over time a library of tests and best practices,
  • Offer an integrated and coherent approach with risk management and internal control,
  • Follow up the implementation of recommendations.

Our solution

RVR Parad offers an integrated, flexible and easy-to-use solution:

  • Building of audit plan

    The Audit Director may build the audit plan, composed of audit missions, in relation with processes and risks mapping.
  • Planning and follow up of audits

    The solution enables to plan the steps of each audit mission and to allocate adequate resources. It is possible to follow up the working plan of each auditor.
  • Performance of audit missions

    Auditors may report issues and recommendations, provide conclusions, and automatically edit and archive the audit report. The auditors can use and build up a library of best practices to improve their audit frameworks.
  • Follow up of recommendations and action plans

    Auditors may follow up the implementation of the recommendations and actions plans linked to their audit missions.
  • Audit dashboard and reports

    The application provides various reports to follow up the progress of audit plans, missions, recommendations and action plans. It is also possible to edit cross-analysis between the audit results and the risk and control repository.

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