Risk Management

Our solution

RVR Parad offers a complete and flexible solution for Risk Management:

  • Risk identification

    Our solution enables risk management teams to create a risk universe for their organization on a top-down or bottom-up methodology . All information used to analyze a risk can be stored in a customizable risk page (Ex: causes, risk categories, indicators…). An approach by process is also available for operational risk management or by application for IT risk management (ISO 27 000 or ebios).
  • Risk Assessment

    Inherent, residual and target risks can be assessed by impact and probability. It is also possible to assess the control level associated to the risk.
  • Risk control and action plans

    Risk managers can create and follow up mitigation actions linked to the risks, which can be recurring controls or action plans.
  • Risk mapping and reporting

    RVR Parad enables to generate risk mapping by organization levels, by processes, by risk categories as well as customizable reports.
  • Loss event database

    RVR Parad enables to build up a database of loss events by completing for each event the requested information (Ex: entity, date, loss amount, remediation plan...).

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